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      青島邁克斯船舶工程有限公司擁有高級工程師和專業的技術團隊,擁有大量的航修和應急修理的經驗,為國內外的船東在中國的港口 錨地 船廠提供優質,高效的服務,公司以多元化的經營為船東提供一站式的服務。


      1.航修:包括 鋼結構 管路 船舶機械設備 主機 輔機的 維修 保養。

      2.自動化 電器 氣動控制系統 液壓控制系統 設備的修理 從事 主機遙控,溫度自動控制,主、輔機的安保和控制,鍋爐,焚燒爐,主配電板,惰性氣體,壓載水,克令吊,舵機,自動舵 電梯,火警 液壓馬達 等設備自動控制系統的維修和技術咨詢。

      3.通信 導航設備的修理

      4.空調 冰機系統的修理 改造

      5.高壓油泵、增壓器 調速器的修理 保養




      我們的服務宗旨 “安全 高效 優質 誠信”期待與貴公司的精誠合作。


      We, MAX MARINE ENGINEERING CO.,LTD, was located in Qingdao with branch office at Rizhao, Guangzhou ,Shanghai , Nantong, and Dalian with senior engineers and senior professional technician team. We specialize in ship repair/maintenance during her discharging at Chinese Port and dry docking in shipyard. Company take business diversification to provide one-stop service which could offer our customers total solution.


      1. Voyage repair(steel, pipe, Mechanical equipment main engine/auxiliary engine repair/maintenance) covering all Chinese ports

      2. Automation electronic hydraulic and pneumatic job. Engaged in M/E remote control system, M/E and A/E alarm and safety system, boiler, incinerator, oil water separator, generator, main switchboard, inert gas, ballast water control system, crane steering gear, autopilot, elevator annual inspection/repair, fire alarm hydraulic motor etc equipment maintenance/repair and technical consultation.
      We can be based on customer requirements to design and install control system.

      3. Navigation and communication equipment repair

      4. Air condition and refrigerator system repair and Modification

      5. Spare/store supply

      6. Drydock agent


      Our service purpose: safe efficient reliable honest

      Looking forward to cooperate with your best company.


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